Residential contracting is one of the mainstays of our business. We offer homeowners and residential developers experienced general contracting and construction management services. We pay attention to the small details of craftsmanship to deliver a home which offers character and charm, with all the modern conveniences you would expect. 



Oltean Construction is the leading up and coming firm for custom home building and large-scale remodeling projects in the Portland area. We are the residential builder of choice for luxury homes, large additions, major remodels, luxury bath remodels, gourmet kitchen remodels, historical home restorations, catastrophic repairs, updates, maintenance, and green construction.

Our team is comprised of superior craftsmen and professionals whose primary concern is maintaining the highest standards, techniques, technology, and communication in the industry.

We work closely with homeowners and architects to select construction methods, materials, colors and other design details to personalize each project all while keep quality, budget, and time-frame in mind. Homeowners also have a contact in the office and the field, allowing our team to be reached at any time.



Oltean Construction will give your historical property the specialized attention and care it requires during the rehabilitation process. We are Portland's contractor of choice for residential historical restoration, commercial historical restoration, restaurants, mansions, office buildings, churches and nonprofits.

Our renovation strategy to blend new with the old is simple: disturb as little as possible, while preserving as much as possible. Our goal is to honor the past by matching the original craftsmanship while simultaneously providing clients with a property that meets modern living standards.